ISO 28000

Implementing ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System

ISO 28000:2007 Supply Chain Security Management System certification shows that your organization meets the requirements for a security management system, including those critical to security of the supply chain. In this ever increasing global economy, by attaining ISO 28000:2007 certification your organization will:

  • Implement, maintain and improve a security management system
  • Assert conformance with a security management policy, including the security of goods and services, and to manage security risks throughout your organization and supply chain
  • Demonstrate such conformance to your clients and potential clients
  • Differentiate your organization from others as an organization dedicated to supply chain security

ISMS Solutions provides a proven process for Supply Chain Security Management System development and implementation. ISMS Solutions also provides expert level management consulting and a proprietary software platform that empowers organizations with the tools and knowledge to implement, operate and continually improve your supply chain security management.

ISMS has established a proven list of essential steps embedded in our proprietary software which supports quick and successful implementation of our customers’ ISO 28000:2007 Supply Chain Security Management Systems:

1. Designate Management Team Representatives
2. Define the Scope of the Certification
3. Training & Awareness Program
4. ISO 28000:2007 Gap Analysis
5. Identify Assets
6. Conduct Risk Assessment
7. Define Statement of Applicability
8. Risk Treatment of Applicability
9. Implement Selected ISO 28000 Controls
10. Commence Performance Monitoring
11. Perform Internal Audits
12. Management Reviews
13. Certification Audits (Conducted by 3rd Party)

All sizes of organizations in manufacturing, storage or transportation at any stage of the supply chain have a need to obtain ISO 28000 certification. At ISMS Solutions, we work to understand your business objectives and why you are pursuing ISO 28000. With that information, we focus our efforts on meet your goal and objectives. We will make suggestions for improving your supply chain security management system, but ultimately our value comes by meeting your objectives in the shortest time possible.

ISMS Solutions has a 100% successful track record for our clients receiving certification for all implementations we’ve handled from an accredited certification body.

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