ISO 20000

Implementing ISO 20000 IT Service Management System

ISO 20000 offers a structure for implementing a systematic approach to managing your organization's business processes, allowing you to provide value and meet the needs of your customers. According to ISOL 20000, implementing a Service Management System (SMS) an organization must take a process approach when planning, establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving your service management.

Having an ISO 20000 SMS compliant system means your organization can:

  • Provide objectives and controls to deliver effective and efficient managed services
  • Provide control, greater efficiency, and opportunities for improvement
  • Turn technology focused departments into service focused departments
  • Ensure IT services are aligned with and satisfy business needs
  • Improve system reliability and availability
  • Provide a basis for service level agreements
  • Provide the ability to measure IT service quality, allowing for improvements and adjustments where needed

Our approach in implementing your organization's SMS is to simplify the process for you. We do this through the use of ISMS’s proprietary software platform, our domain expertise and by understanding your business needs and objectives. The benefits of our simplified approach is to reduce the time and expense of implementing your SMS and obtaining ISO 20000 certification. ISMS Solution’s goal after you are certified is to leave your organization with the tools and knowledge to implement, operate and continually improve upon the SMS and expand if and when it is required.

The standard specifies a number of closely related service management processes that help organizations:

  • Identify that relationships exist between these processes, and that these relationships will be dependent on their application within an organization
  • Provides guideline objectives and controls to enable an organization to deliver managed services
  • Provides control, greater efficiency, and opportunities for improvement
  • Turns technology focused departments into service focused departments
  • Ensures IT services are aligned with and satisfy business needs
  • Improves system reliability and availability
  • Provides a basis for service level agreements
  • Provides the ability to measure IT service quality

ISMS has established a list of essential steps that we follow – utilizing our proprietary software – in order to quickly and successfully implement our clients ISO 20000 Service Management System:

1. Designate the management representative
2. Define the Scope of Certification
3. Training & Awareness Programs
4. Define Service Objectives
5. Document the ISO Management Procedures
6. Plan & Develop the 13 Core Processes
7. Service Level Management
8. Service Reporting
9. Service Continuity & Availability Management
10. Budgeting & Accounting
11. Capacity Management
12. Information Security Management
13. Business Relationship Management
14. Supplier Management
15. Incident & Service Request
16. Problem Management
17. Configuration Management
18. Change Management
19. Release & Deployment Management
20. Commence performance monitoring
21. Perform Internal Audits
22. Management Reviews
23. Certification Audits

ISMS Solutions can provide your organization with a proven turn-key solution that has a 100% successful track record for our clients receiving certification of the ISO 20000:2011 standard from an accredited certification body.

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